One who always love us

Rukmini Vallabh Das
2 min readSep 6, 2020

David Richo, an eminent psychotherapist defines the characteristics of love as five A’s — Acceptance, Attention, Affection, Appreciation and Allowing.

God accepts us always whatever our disposition may be. He accepts everyone irrespective of whether one is atheistic, agnostic, nihilistic or theistic just like a loving mother tolerates the mischiefs of an infant. His love is unconditional and continues to support us through mother nature.

God is ever attentive to our wants. He is always accompanying us as Supersoul or the inner conscience. When we were infants, He provides us the breast milk without our asking Him. He is providing us sunlight, moonshine, oxygen without us paying any tax.

God is ever affectionate. We distanced ourselves from God and we are suffering in this mortal and miserable world just like a fish out of water. Only the oceanic love of God can inundate our heart and quench its thirst for love.

Though we shut our doors to God, God always kept His door open. He sends the sacred scriptures like Bible, Quran, Gita. He sends His various representatives — prophets, saints etc. He himself descends to this mortal world to attract us back to His loving company.

God is always appreciative. God is always waiting for us to turn towards Him. His happiness is in seeing us happy. He does not mind even if we approach Him for many other external wants. If we take one step towards Him, He takes hundred steps towards us.

God allows us freedom. We can turn towards whenever we want and go towards him at any pace as per our comfort. He is always welcoming and hopeful.

If we know how God loves us, naturally we will begin to love God and become happy for ever and make others happy.

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